SLAIS Briefing

Recent events in the USA have caused the world to look more critically at how businesses perform their functions and how they achieve their purposes while still keeping in line with ethical considerations and legal accountability requirements. From this perspective, Sandra Jacab, Director at the BC Securities Commission, will give a talk about the effects of legislation on the trade industry and on how investors can protect themselves as they comply with existing laws and procedures.

Robson Reading Series

It’s Great Fiction Night at Robson Square and it promises to be a real treat. Invited speakers include Lee Henderson, award-winning author of a short story collection and reputable art critic, who will read from his debut novel The Man Game, which has already garnered accolades in the press and peaked the attention of the public. Joining Henderson is Andreas Schroeder, prolific award-winning writer and CBC reporter, who will present his autobiographical novel Renovating Heaven.

Theatre at UBC

The UBC Department of Theatre and Film ends its very popular run of shows with the hilarious staging of a Russian masterpiece turned on its head. Called The Idiots Karamazov, the play reinterprets the literary canon by imagining what might happen when the characters of Dostoyevsky’s novels are let loose during an attempt to translate them into English.

VPL Reading Series

Nick Faragher is reading from his first collection of short stories The Well and Other Stories, featuring dark and twisted characters to which the reader gets strangely attached as the story takes unexpected emotional twists and turns. The voyeuristique perspective is particularly suited as a narrative technique and allows the reader to uncover the truth behind the lives of people uncapable to adjust to societal norms.